The Chromo-Zone

What makes you, you?

After faced with a terrifying realization about technology’s capabilities, Nancy’s deep-rooted fear of losing her identity surfaces as she struggles to stay true to herself amidst a world hiding behind the masks of social media.


  Social Media.  Identity.  Conformity.


What we're exploring...

Technology has affected our society in many positive ways, but sometimes we resist discussing the negative impacts. Social media allows for individuals to distort themselves into whomever they want to be. A large number of individuals online seem to be happy and constantly having fun, but is this true? Are people as happy as they seem online?

Signing up for Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform allows for you to create an image for yourself. With the click of a button, you can turn yourself into whoever you want to be. In a world like this, how does someone maintain their true identity?

“The Chromo-Zone” explores these questions. We see our protagonist, Nancy, trying to resist technology. She sees how social media allows for the distortion of one's image. Can Nancy stay true to who she really is amidst a world where everyone is living behind a digital mask, or must she give in to the social pressures to assimilate to this culture?  Check out, "The Chromo-Zone" to find out.